Emco Wheaton Pressure And Vacuum Vent Valve 00612337 UK

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Jual Emco Wheaton Pressure And Vacuum Vent Valve 00612337 UK di Jakarta, Indonesia

Brand: Emco Wheaton
Brand Origin: United Kingdom (UK)
Part No.: 00612337
Pressure: 70 mbs (7 kPa)
Vacuum: 20 mbs (2 kPa)
Viton Seal
Plastic Material
Weight 0.49 Kg

Incorporated in all standard Emco Wheaton manhole covers, and available separately with rain cap, the 2” High Flow Pressure and Vacuum Vent Valve provides breathing for petroleum product tankers.
Aerodynamic porting facilitates extremely high throughput.

Pressure: Air flow at 21 kPa = 198200 l/h (7000 cubic feet per hour).
Vacuum: Air flow at 7 kPa = 99100 l/h (3500 cubic feet per hour).

Mandatory roll over seal off, as required by the U.K. Health and Safety Executive, is included. This feature has proven its effectiveness many times in tanker rollover accidents where it has protected lives, prevented dangerous and costly spillage and prevented pollution.

High flow through wind tunnel tested aerodynamic porting.
Seal off device prevents product spillage in tanker rollover accidents.
Exceeds the requirement of petroleum spirit conveyance by road regulations.
Viton seals are standard for compatibility with high-octane fuels.
Tough acetal polymer construction for durability.
Flame retardant stainless steel gauze covers the inlet/outlet ports.

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