RKG G 20 Inch Steel Petroleum Manhole Covers OEM CN

Mainhole Tangki Tutup Menhole 20 OEM Civacon, tidak ada ventilasi & material mild steel

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Jual RKG G 20 Inch Steel Petroleum Manhole Covers OEM CN – Jakarta, Indonesia

Manhole Cover is equipped on the top of tank truck. It is the entrance of fluid transfer operation inspection and maintaining the inside tank. It can protect the tank when involving in an emergency.

Technique Specification:

– Setting pressure of vent discharge : 7.14Kpa
– Negative opening pressure:-2Kpa~-3Kpa
– Setting pressure of emergency exhaust valve: 0.0266Mpa ± 0.001 Mpa
– Pressure resistance:0.254Mpa
– Metting EN 13317:2002 Standard
– Without holes on the cover plate
– Steel material
– With neck

– Cover: Steel
– Weld Ring: Steel
– Gasket: Buna-N

Features & Benefits:
– Material: Coated steel
– Pressure and vacuum vent fitted as standard for tank breathing. Various ratings are available to meet operational requirements.
– Automatic sealing of the P/V vent in a roll over situation prevents dangerous and costly spillage.
– Steel cover arm exceeds the requirements of the Australian DROP tests(AS 2809-2-1990)
– Two-stage opening allows safe release of residual compartment pressure before fully opening the fill cap.
– 250mm(10 inch )fill hole for easy drop pipe insertion when top loading.
– High quality baseplate and component materials, to international standards, are used for durability and performance.

Informasi Tambahan

Berat22000 gram
Dimensi56 × 56 × 22 cm


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